Phography Dan Bone

Phography Dan Bone


Christine Smallwood has been probing some of our Enfield Food Festival heroes with her Hothouse Q + A.  In the hot seat today,  Kate Smith of Holtwhites Bakery ...

What is your earliest food memory?

My Mum was a really good cook so it would be meals cooked by her. Probably crumble made with gooseberries grown in the garden.

What was the first dish or food that you cooked regularly?

As a student, pasta – probably a wholewheat pasta - with garlic.

What’s your favourite or most used cooking tool?

Probably Le Creuset dishes that we’ve used a lot at home that are fairly ancient and chipped, but they’re well-loved.

Outside of reality, in a world where anything is possible, who would you most like to cook you a meal, and where?

This is really hard! Probably my Mum and it would be at the place where I grew up, probably in the first part of my childhood, I lived in Leeds, so yes, I’d like to be back in our kitchen in Leeds.

Do you eat or skip breakfast? And what do you typically eat?

Oh always eat breakfast. Normally it’s a very boring bowl of muesli.

Are you a messy or a tidy cook?

I would like to think that I’m quite a tidy cook. Richard’s [Holtwhites' Co-owner and Head Baker] quite messy but he’ll say the opposite probably. He spreads out a lot.

Come back tomorrow to see if Richard does think he’s a messy cook.

On Sunday 26th August, Kate will be serving their award winning bakery and Richard will be preparing pizzas in the cob oven of Forty Hall Vineyard from midday

Emma Lundie