Christine Smallwood has been probing our Enfield Food Festival heroes with her Festival Q + A  . In the hot seat today,  Emma Louise Follows of Eat Live...


What is your signature dish, or the most popular dish you cook at home?

The dish I always cook is chickpea curry. It’s really easy to do, using pretty much all store cupboard ingredients, so I cook that a lot, and usually serve with rice or quinoa. I don’t know if my family would agree that it’s a popular dish, given that I make it so often!

What is your earliest food memory?

My Nan giving me something called Fufu, a Nigerian dish. I only had it once when I was quite young and it was lovely and I’ve never forgotten about it.

Outside of reality, in a world where anything is possible, who would you most like to cook you a meal, and where?

I suppose I’d have to say Jamie! I love, love Jamie Oliver. First, his recipes are delicious and they’re so simple. I’m really against faff with cooking but I like good food, so his recipes are great for that. And the other thing I like about Jamie is that he has an amazing social conscience. He’s really inspired me in terms of thinking about food activism. And it would have to be at my house so I could be in my element and quiz him.

Your favourite vegetable and way of eating it?

Cabbage! I couldn’t say anything else – cabbage wouldn’t work with me otherwise.

Is there a food that other food lovers rave about, but that you don’t like?

I don’t really like cured meats, so the Italian things, like Parma ham for example or salami with the bright bits of fat.

Do you have a cheap, mass-produced food that is far from good for you, but that you find hard to resist?

Crisps! On the quiet…I’m talking Walkers’ salt ‘n’ vinegar. No Kettle Chips – well sometimes - but mainly Walkers.


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Emma Lundie