When we asked Winchmore School  if their students would like to present some food inspired art work at this year's Festival we were blown away by the enthusiasm of their Art department, led by Alison Grassham and their students;

"Winchmore School is proud to be a partner of the 2017 Enfield Food Festival. Our students in years 10 to 13 have created food themed artwork for the event. Their ideas range from every day still life observations to works in the style of artists. They have used a range of materials, ideas, processes and techniques: oil paint, colour pencils, graphite pencils, photography and Photoshop.  We hope you enjoy our exhibition."  

These are just a few of the fantastic works the students have presented.  We will be displaying all the entries on the walls of the Black Barn throughout the Festival, which you can contemplate while enjoying afternoon tea and cakes from the Field Dames WI !

Emma Lundie