Well there's certainly a lot of talk about kimchi now, but Enfield resident Emma-Louise Follows of Eat Live has been making a noise about the benefits of kimchi and fermented food and drink for quite some time now and on Sunday she'll be kicking off the festival demos at 11.15am when she'll be chatting about ferments and showing us how we can make it  ...

Why all the fuss about fermented food? What's the difference between a prebiotic and a probiotic? Come and watch Emma-Louise of Eat Live make some cultured veggies, have a taste and find out why they're so good for you.

Emma Louise will also be hosting a kimchi making workshop later on in the day where you'll be able to create your own little jar of kimchi to take home!

Emma Louise will be selling Eat Live's kimchi and ferments all day Sunday at the Festival too.  Take a look at Eat Live's website here



Emma Lundie